The Core Value of your business is to grow that business.  My job is to resolve conflicts, mediate disputes and get that legal problem off your plate.  To paraphrase Sy Sims, the clothier, "An Educated Driver is my best Client."

Suppose your fork lift operator, off-loading skids, is blamed by a customer for punching a hole into his box truck   Your guy says the hole was a pre-existing condition. The customer hands you a bill for $5500 to patch the hole.  You're reluctant to file a claim with your liability insurance carrier or have a $10,000 deductible.

You, your administrative assistant, a manager or your dispatcher take up the cause to defend the company because your fork lift operator is a good guy.and it looked like an old hole to you.  At first, you exchange some e-mails and then the certified letters start arriving.  Next, the telephone calls come and voices are raised and "words" are exchanged.  This dispute is now a "cause for justice."  It starts to fester and grow until it consumes your time, energy and talent.  It becomes a drain because everyone is stewing about the $5500 hole in that 1985 International Harvester Cargostar.

Your FORMER customer now has an attorney who filed suit against you for THE HOLE plus their costs.  The other attorney will not back down because he has you over a barrel with this legal action and must "show results."  This dispute not only cost you a customer, but you're now forced to retain an attorney and respond to a law suit.  And to boot, you may even be on the hook for THE HOLE.  What started as a minor irritant is now a major distraction for your business.  You could be doing other things, like generating new business. That hole now represents some real money.

Let me handle the entire situation from jump street--the moment it comes in the door  Let me get "rid of it" for you.  It will ease your mind and I have bargaining room to maneuver and settle it.  Let me resolve it like a gentleman. I can preserve a good business relationship and maybe turn a negative into a positive.  You never know where future business might come from.  Your dad always taught you to never burn a bridge.

You focus on growing your business and let me handle the disputes and legal issues that can hurt you...even the small stuff.

Let's discuss legal fees.  Many people who need legal help are afraid to see a lawyer since they have heard legal services are expensive. Since you are not likely a high profile criminal involved in a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, you need not worry.  I will tell you upfront what the fee is and I want you to be satisfied.  I welcome a frank discussion on the subject. and then you can decide whether you want to proceed. I want you to be happy with the legal services you receive and the fee you are charged.