Main Practice Telephone:
         (312) 263-4735
  (Wireless Number Since 1994.)                                                               Pontiac Residence:                                     (815)-844-3610

Regular Mail:  Rural Delivery,
PO Box 564, Pontiac, Il  61764-0564

I prefer initial contact by 19th Century means (telephone).  If I am in court or with a client, always leave me a detailed message on the Main Practice number. Please do not text me until I personally speak to you.

Be advised, that on many weekdays I do not leave court until mid-afternoon.  At that time I will be immediately available to answer your calls or return voice mail messages. 

You will notice that I do not provide an e-mail address or options for "Social Media" contact.  No Facebook, Twitter, etc. They are not secure communication methods and  bar associations advise against extensive use  for confidential client correspondence.  In addition, one missed key stroke and I may never receive your communication.

My Website provides general legal and practical advice similarly published by governmental agencies. No attorney and client relationship is created unless you formally and personally contact me.

Thank you..