Thank You for visiting my website.  I enjoy practicing law and hope you contact me and use my legal services.

My Illinois law practice concentrates in commercial transportation, trucking enforcement,  traffic regulations governing the movement of vehicles and transportation businesses.  Illinois overweight violations, tickets, CDL's are my main focus.  For a detailed list of practice areas, click on the next page.

All fees are structured for this rugged economy. Most fees are charged only when I appear in court for you.  In other words, a simple flat fee for each court or hearing appearance.  For example, "Over Weights" are billed as a flat fee for the court appearance.  Fees are simple and NOT based on a percentage of the recovered fine.   

I will not charge for legal advice when you call or when you want me to stop by.  It is a pleasure to talk to you about business, ideas and your concerns.  I only bill for writing letters/documents, responding to complaints, meetings with "opposing" parties and as noted, appearing in court.  Simply put, when I "do something."

I want to earn your long term business as your attorney.

Your long term business as your attorney means a great deal to me.